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Any graphic designers here?


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Hi guys

I have a project Im getting ready to start for a computer company I jus started working for. I have to create an email template used to promote the store. I have created them a banner ad with photoshop which they liked, but I have never done an email and I dont really know where to start. I have to have a proposal and Im wondering how much I should be charging for this. Can any of you give me some ideas? It will be something like this: CDW

Thanx for any help guys!!!


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If it is a template and no graphics, $50 per hour for three hours=$150. If you are creating a new graphic, then calculate your time for design at the same rate. And sell the rights to the graphic to them for additional. So, 2 hours of design time=$100, and $200 base price for graphic design= $300 for a new graphic that takes 2 hours to design.

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