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Changing the bootsplash for KDE.


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Hi everybody, this is my first post so i hope it will be useful.


I was looking at Anna's posts on how to create your own mandrake liveCD and asked myself how i could change the bootsplash of KDE and the bootsplash when MDK10 is loading.


I will have to look at how to personalise the loading bootsplash before writing about it here.


First let's look at a case where you have themes installed on your system and that you are running MDK-10 (official or community does not matter). This should work on any version of Mandrake provided you have bootsplash themes installed.


Here we go:


1. Create your images:

a. One with the dimensions 400x248 that you will call splash_top.png

b. One with the dimensions ???x??? that you call splash_bottom.png

In addition, you can also create one for the icon band.


2. In a console type:

a. su

b. cd /usr/share/apps/ksplash/Themes

c. Copy one of the available theme folders in /usr/share/apps/ksplash/Themes

d. Rename the folder you copied (do not rename to something like FOLDER.old as the theme would not work afterwards). Alternatively to c+d, just change the images in the theme folder you chose.

e. Copy your new images to your theme folder and to the locale subfolder of the theme's folder as well (if available).

f. Edit the Theme.rc file in your theme's folder (I will post how a bit later on)

g. Go to the KDE configuration panel and change the splash to your theme using ksplash.




Now if you want to do the same in MDK 9.1 with no themes installed:


1. Prepare your images as above.

2. Just replace the images in the /usr/apps/ksplash/pics folder as root.





I will update this post later on.


Have fun.


If anyone knows an easier way, let me know be responding to this post.

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Yes, i know, but i wrote this for those who want to put any image on the bootsplash.

This is the only way it works for me. Doing it this way, you enable the new theme for all users not just you (mind you you might be the only person to use your computer :D ).

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