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what makes an old comp slow?

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Aight, I just upgraded my RAM on this comp, to 320MB SD, but it still runs slow sometimes. The comp is a 4 year old Compaq Presario, so...is it the processor or what? Also, if you could reccomend a good one that would work with my existing components, I have a Compaq Presario 5000 series, 5BW130, if you can look up the stats on compaq if you are nice :P It's all original components, except an extra 256MB SD RAM chip. If someone could at least tell me what to replace, that'd be good, and if they could tell me a specific one to use, that'd be better.

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Compaq's websight is not helpful. I could no longer find a page for tech specs on their older computers. Get out you manual, and look at the type of ram (sdram or ddr) processor, video card (does it have one, or is it on-board?) and chipset.


Compaq motherboards are not the best, although there are some presario models that are good. It just depends what kind of hardware deal they made and with whom. There is no consistency, so your manual will answer these questions.

Oh. I'm moving this to hardware, since other people might be interested.

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aight...here's the specs:

RAM: SD, as I said

Processor: Intel Celeron 667MHZ (I'm thinking that's it)

Video Card: Intel 82810E graphics controller (? not sure if that's right...)

chipset: can't find it...none of this stuff is in the manual, so it makes it hard...I'll email tech support for full stats...it'll help to have 'em anyways.



Here ya' go:



Processor :


Intel®Celeron? processor 667 MHz 66 MHz system bus


System Memory:


64 MB 100 MHz SyncDRAM, shared memory architecture, two total DIMM

slots upgradable to 512 MB (SyncDRAM DIMM required) - up to 11 MB of

dynamic video memory


Hard Drive : 15.0 GB 2 UltraDMA hard drive


CD-ROM Drive : 40X Max CD-ROM drive 3

CD-RW Drive CD-RW drive 4


Modem 56K ITU V.90 modem


Network 10/100 Ethernet Networking Card

Cache 128KB L2 Pipeline Burst Cache


MyStyle Accent Color Kit Free MyStyle Accent Color Kit 1 (valid 6/4/00

to 01/31/01)


Graphics :


? Integrated Direct AGP Graphics

? 64-bit hardware-accelerated 3D graphics

? Video Player (AVI, MPEG and others)

? Maximum non-interlaced resolution of up to 1600 x 1200 (when supported

by monitor)


Compaq Audio:


? ESS Allegro Audio

? Audio CD player

? Create, organize and play digital MP3 8 , WMA or personal CD audio

files on your PC

? FM Synthesis Emulation




The North Bridge is the 82810E Graphics and Memory Controller Hub.


It is in a 421 BGA package and provides the control functions for the

host CPU interface, the Graphics interface, the Display Cache interface,

the 64-bit DRAM bus, and the ICH interface.


The 82810E also controls the data flow between the CPU bus, the DRAM

bus, the

Display interface bus, and the ICH.

The chip is also System Management Mode (SMM) compliant.


Processor Interface :


Supports the Celeron processor bus at 66, 100 and 133 MHz

Optimized for 133 MHz operation

DRAM Interface

DRAM support at 100 MHz

Maximum memory size of 512 MB with SDRAM using 128Mb technology

Supports x8, x16, or x32 SDRAM in standard DIMMs

Support for 16, and 64 Mbit devices

Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Addressing DRAM supported

Only 3.3 V DIMM DRAMs supported




QuickCam Logitech QuickCam ? Express Internet Video Camera


Power Supply Steady-state 145 watt power supply


Diskette Drive 3.5" 1.44 MB diskette drive


Mouse Internet scroll mouse


Expansion Slots (Four total) ? One PCI slot with modem installed

? One PCI slot with networking card installed

? Two PCI slots open for expansion


Expansion Bays (Five total) ? 3.5" 1.44 MB diskette drive

? Hard drive

? CD-ROM drive

? CD-RW drive

? One drive bay open for expansion


I/O Interfaces :


? Four USB ports (2 front, 2 back)

? Serial RS-232C compatible, DB9 connector (16550)

? Parallel EPP/ECP standard centronics-compatible interface (DB25


? Joystick/MIDI/Gamepad compatible game port (back accessible)

? RJ-11 phone jacks (1 input, 1 output)

? RJ-45 Ethernet port

? Audio ports (line-in, line-out and microphone-in)

? Mouse and keyboard ports

? Monitor connection (VGA)


Compatibility/Compliance :


? Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI)

? Energy Star Compliant

? Plug-and-Play

Compaq USB Internet Keyboard One-



Preinstalled Software :


? Adaptec Easy CD Creator

? McAfee Virus Scan

? Microsoft® Money 2000

? Microsoft® Windows® 98 Second Edition

? Microsoft® Windows® Media Player

? Microsoft® Works 2000

? RioPort Audio Manager

? Selective QuickRestore

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OK. this is what I can tell you so far. The chipset is an Intel because that is all who uses the on-board intel video. This means your ram is "shared" with the video. Really, you need to upgrade the board, or maybe add a video card. There is some way to turn off the video in the bios, so that you can use a real video card.


Really, how much do you want to spend? :D

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well, each part has to be under about 50...I can get 2 or 3...birthday is may 30th :D


Also, I have 2 new theories I remember seeing an article about in CGW. I was running Axis and Allies, and at first it was running fine, but it quickly slowed down, until finally the comp just crashed. My theories are either heat, which I doubt because I currently live with my case open...though it is summer...it's 12:00, so it's not THAT hot. The more likely theory is my power supply. I forgot to mention my harddrive I added...30gigs for Linux...then the RAM...could that be it? It's set to 115V right now, not sure if that's low or high setting though...

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Dont waste money upgrading a far obsolete computer. It wont upgrade to anything current without a major overhaul, and if you do upgrade anything it still be obsolete.


Once you either have to upgrade the motherboard or three components of the computer, its no longer worth upgrading.


Save up for a new one. I will once i get a dang job :S

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Total speed performance is gonna come from a combination of processor, ram, bus speed, etc., with just one slow item in this chain, would cause the rest to slow down.


I was also thinking... not sure, but if your running the original harddrive with this as your primary drive... this could be the cause of the slowdown. Compaq was only using 4000-5400 RPM harddrives at that time.


I would just make the best of this set-up, until you can afford to build your own with better parts. Compaq is known to skimp on anything they could and your not gonna squeaze much more from a crappy motherboard.


OH and BTW, don't touch that voltage setting unless you move to Europe ;)

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Awww...that switch won't fix it? crap...I shut down and flipped it, it went to 230, then I flipped it back because I was afraid I'd fry something :P (probably woulda too)


Yea...save up for a new comp...easier said than done...I'm 13, I can't exactly get a job... :(

My plan had been to upgrade this comp slowly, one or two parts at a time, until it was awesome...but then I spent $70 on another 256MB RAM...which if I got a new motherboard wouldn't work...so that kinda shot that idea :P


So...it seems I must find $700 somewhere to build a one-year old CGW Power Rig :D

Yea, one year old, but hey, it's the power rig...it ain't never gonna be obsoloete! :P

I'm just glad I'll be using pricewatch...man, if I didn't, that'd really suck...

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I still think you should swap out...


can you p/x the RAM somewhere.

You can get a fair mobo for $50 - add CPU/MEM and your still less than $200


perhaps try and get a 2nd hand graphics card.... Gamers are alsways upgrading and have little use for the old ones.



Spending more money on the old one is likely going to feel like more good money after bad very soon.

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can you p/x the RAM somewhere.


? p/x ?


perhaps try and get a 2nd hand graphics card.... Gamers are alsways upgrading and have little use for the old ones.

Ah! right! pricewatch has used parts too...never thought of looking there...or ebay, but I don't buy stuff on ebay...not worth it...always get more expensive anyways, and it's too much work



Wow...most of the used stuff costs MORE! Anyways, here's what I'm looking at...March 2003 CGW's Lean Machine (with Radeon 9800 instead of 9700...cheaper):

COST: $303 (WOOT! It'll only take me about 2 years! :-( )


CPU: 1.8GHz AMD Athlon XP 2200+ ($50)

Motherboard: Asus A7N8X Delux ($62)

Memory: 2 128MB chips: Crucial PC-2700 DDR ($33 each - 66)

Graphics processor: 128MB ATI Radeon 9800 Pro ($125)

Everything else: I'm keeping my old stuff for now ($0)


Now, if someone can figure out how I can get the money for that...

BTW - I figured the price of the Power Rig too...it's $493...but since I can't afford the other one...

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p/x = part exch.


Really any graphics card will be better than using shared RAM.


Why not see if you can find an OLDER nforce....

ask around too. GForce2 should be pretty cheap now ???


Even an old 32MB or 64MB card will be OK for 90% of non games stuff.

Then you can reuse the card later :D

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aight, can someone who's done this before please help me? I hear certain parts work better together, so that's why I was using the CGW comps. I don't really need it for much, but I do use it for games. The most taxing game it'll probably ever see though will be Sim City 3000...though then I come to the problem that I don't have a comp that can play new games...my mom put a budget on our other one of $1500, and it was from DELL, so it can't even run Deus Ex II, let alone any other new stuff...but oh well, old games are better anyways.

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Try to pick up a GeForce 2 with 64MB of ram, shouldn't be too expensive and will speed things up graphically. 7200 rpm HDD would help too, again you can get one really cheap - even a brand new one.

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You can get a decent gaming computer for 500-600 bucks! Put it together your self. Check out the kits at http://www.tigerdirect.com


If you want my advice, others have already said it. Scrap the old machine. A Compaq case might not even be standard, so you'll end up scrapping the whole thing. Well, the hard drives will work.

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If your gonna look at upgrading anway...

I would look for a motherboard that can use both SDram and DDR memory. Probably will have to do some serious searching for one of these now a days, but may be able to find bargain. I would also look at getting an AMD Duron 1.2 processor for now to save a few bucks. That and a GeForce 2 with 64MB should play games such as sim city and similiar nicely.

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