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10.0 CE Powerpack 5 CDs

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Since I am beta testing Daz Studio (windows) and it does not like my old ATI Xpert 2000 Pro AGP card, I had to try it with my eVGA Nvidia GeForce4 MX440SE Lite Edition. Yeah, I know this is a cruddy card, but, I bought it for some hardware troubleshooting and not for 3D CGI or gaming. So I went cheap.


We all know the 'fun' with the 10.0 CE public ISOs, right? That is the only distro I have downloaded, but, I had to, to test it on my nforce2 motherboard. I knew this one did not come with the Nvidia kernels and glx. I also knew that the 10.0 CE powerpack did come with those.


So, while I was browsing eBay, I came across a listing for the 10.0 CE Powepack CDs. All 5 of them. I went for it, and waited until I was forced to use my Nvidia card, cause Daz Studio was locking up Win98Se, with my ATI card installed.


Now we come to the meat of this post: installing the powerpack. I prefer to do a clean install, plus i had to rework mount points (I hate the way mandy labels the windows partitions). I don't format /home, so I don't lose anything in there.


I put CD1 in the drive and rebooted, fully expecting to have to go to CD2 to boot. What a pleasant surprise to see mandy install boot from CD1!!!!! It gets much better:


Mandrake install detected my card and installed the nvidia kernels and GLX!!! The config file has 'nvidia' in it, but nothing for GLX. Any ideas?


So, those of us with Nvidia cards would be best served to get the Official Powerpack Edition. :cheesy:


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