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Can you play quicktime formats in ML?


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There is openquicktime http://www.openquicktime.org/

It doesn't support the lastest version of quicktime.

Why does all the damn movie trailers have to be in quicktime :evil:

It's ironic that i end up watching movie trailers in asf/wmv/ram formats on my linux box


There is a hack that you can use to run the latest quicktime in mplayer, you get the windows version of quicktime and compile mplayer some really hard way then run it using wine, so i didn't try it.


you would think you should be able to make the osx version work on linux.

here look i found the instructions for the windows version from the mplayer site



How to get win32 quicktime audio/video codec plugins support work?



1. Get the latest wine source. Some leech urls:





Compile and install it:



make install


2. Get mplayer CVS (RTFM...), and compile this way:

./configure --disable-win32 --enable-qtx-codecs

(the --disable-win32 is VERY important!!!)

make mplayer.exe.so


3. Get the quicktime DLLs & wine config pack:


If you already have ~/.wine, backup it:

mv ~/.wine ~/.wine.orig

Extract the tarball in your home dir:


tar -xjf qt-dotwine.tar.bz2


4. Launch mplayer with wine:

wine z:/path/to/mplayer/main/mplayer.exe.so -- file.mov [options]


You can also create a wrapper script to emulate 'old' mplayer behaviour:

Create a file called 'mplayer' with content:

wine z:/path/to/mplayer/main/mplayer.exe.so -- $*

then: chmod +x mplayer



Note 1: when first time starting wine, it will create a FONT database, it

may take a while... don't worry, it won't be rebuild next time!


Note 2: wine/quicktime DLLs fork several processes/threads, they

somehow don't die at exit and keep eating your memory in the background,

so it's recommended to 'killall wine' after running mplayer this way...


Note 3: yes we all know this is messy hack, and we're working on a

cleaner solution, using the minimalist loader included in mplayer

instead of all the bloat coming with libwine.


Note 4: due to --disable-win32, you cannot use vfw/acm/dshow and quicktime

DLLs at the same time.

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