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gdesklets- light clock hands:SOLVED


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bvc, I was just trying to figure out how to make gdesklets load this clock as a new display.

I downloaded the zip. file but only png files inside.

I went to /usr/share/gdesklets folder and find a folder full of png files. In my ~/.gdesklets directory there wasn't any file or folder that could give me an idea of how make it work.

Actually, I don't have any clock display installed, could you let me know how to make these icons work with gdesklets?

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I could be wrong, but I think you just have to edit either the display or the sensor file and look for the color of the clock hands. It might be tricky to find, but it should be there.




You have to find your display file for whatever clock you are using, and it's corresponding gfx/ folder. Replace the clock png in the gfx/ folder with the new one. If you name it the same, you won't have to change anything in the display file. If not, you have to edit the display file and look for where it says icon="gfx/xclock.png" (or whatever it says) and replace that with the name of your png.

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        # analogue clock
       signal.set("hands", "clear, color gray, "
                           "polygon %(gfx_hour)s 1, "
                           "polygon %(gfx_minute)s 1,"
                           "color red,"
                           "polygon %(gfx_second)s 1" % vars())


set: color gray

to the color of your choice :woops: default was black.

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