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Favorite desktop environment


Whats your favorite desktop environment?  

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  1. 1. Whats your favorite desktop environment?

    • KDE
    • GNOME
    • Other (list it on your post)

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KDE is ok, it's most like M$windows but looks better. Learned some programming at the command prompt with Microware 0S9, and then M$ using Borland C++, Visual Basic for Windows and Visual Basic for DOS. After a while got use the gui environment I guess, it sure makes a person lazy.


Anyway... enough rambling.

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My favorite desktop environment ? Mmmh, a clean desk in front of a windows without curtains. No phone, no paper, except a good book. Maybe a glass of Bordeaux on my right (after 11:30AM), an ashtray on my left (anytime), or a cat (relax, not for the same usage...)


And concerning my PC desktop, KDE/Aqua is the default choice. Gnome looks really nice (and smart), but I never had time to fix the (very) little problems I had with it, so I use "default' KDE (and the command line prompt when I temper with XFree...). But good old "bare" b&w X is fun too...

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For anyone to be rt you'd have to find an established definition of Desktop Environment (as if there is such a thing).


Reading this helped me remember that it does have it's own filemanager. I knew about the panel apps, and mouse/keyboard config but forgot about the useless filemanager. So, I appologize! I'd agree it is far enough along to be considered a DE! Andrewski has a good point though about it riding on gnome.

Sorry. Edited by bvc
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I checked "Other" tho' I use KDE. I used to use IceWM, but for some odd reason it stopped working. I've got everything installed but when I log in and try to pick Ice, I get a blank screen for a couple of seconds, and then I'm back loggin' in again..


Therefore I use KDE, but my FAVORITE de is Ice.


-suzi h

AMD Athlon XP 2500+, MDK 9.2

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I used to be a Gnome advocate, but managing themes was quite difficult. Since I moved to KDE, everything works, especially my beloved themes! :D

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I'm kinda torn between the two. I find that both will allow me to do whatever I need to do. They are both fast, and although they look different I like the looks of both. Sometimes I use Gnome and sometimes I use KDE, I guess it depends on what mood I'm in :P




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A home is not a home without a GNOME. :lol2:


Gdesklets are an abuse of system resources and I love them. :screwy:

I'm gonna install fluxbox soon. I'll also try KDE with superkaramba, but I'm a gnome user for now. KDE is too..windows-like. But I'll customize mine so it won't look like that M$ crap anymore. Any tips?

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open yourself a Child panel, and play with it :P


I use Fluxbox often, but I think it's as advanced as I want him to be...guess I'll just have to wait for the 1.0 version...Meanwhile, I can't decide myself between KDE and Gnome...KDE is cool and all but I don't like the general feeling of it but Gnome is displaying all with a feel of "bigness"..by the way if someone can give me advice on how to remove this big feeling, it would be cool....

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