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again it's me there is an overlay but how do you change the color of your overlay..

change the color of the layer?

can seem weid, but in photoshop you can do a color overlay on the layer and atualy change the color of your laye or picture.


is there a similar feature in gimp.


probably i have trouble to explain myself english is not my primary language.

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yeah, you just create a new layer of whatever color, put it overtop of the layer you want to changethe color of, and change it to overlay (the layer you want to use for coloring, not the color layer).


i think that's right...that's my best guess, anyways! i'm not an expert at gimp yet :)

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I installed Gimp 2 on my wintendo lappy at work... looks very good!


Anyone know if it's easy to install on MDK 10CE?

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urpmi gimp1_3


Do you consider that easy? If so, then yes. I think you can even do urpmi gimp2 because that installs gimp2-gap (whatever that is) that should require gimp1_3, which is really gimp2.

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I really really have to try GIMP 2 when my fedora box decides to come back online..

*cough* anyway, Ive learnt everything I know in Photoshop 7 and whenever Ive checked out GIMP in the past I feel I dont have the same creative freedom.


The whole interface just seems cluttered and Im busy fretting about being able to see the desktop and accidently clicking out that I dont feel free :screwy:


Hopefully GIMP 2 fixes this..

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