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The "Show Off your Avatar" thread

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Um.............. because I play the banjo..............?




It's a chick magnet.


Well......... maybe that's a bit of a stretch.


It does get me my own bench when I sit in the park.








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No. Banjos are tuned to G, I think, although you can tune it however you want. A friend of mine, who's a guitarist, had a guy build him a 12-string banjo.

Give a banjo player a week to adjust to the tuning of a guitar and he'll show up the guitarist who loaned him the guitar. :P


tyme, you should have an attractive avatar, like mine.

Made with the Gimp (of course). Used the font that allowed me to use the greek letter phi (my favorite). Edited that to add the little swirly at the top and bottom. A little 'cool metal' script-fu, a little texture from script-fu, a little 'erase every other row' script-fu and some layering. Added the background, which is a graph representing the number phi et voila!

Edited by Steve Scrimpshire
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The most common banjo tuning is an open G chord.


DGbd with the little fifth string tuned to a g.


This is the way a slide guitar is often tuned.


Mandatory Avatar Content!

I just thought that it would be neat if Tux played a

banjo too, so I made that my avatar.


I wish I were better with The GIMP, but I have

very little time to use it.




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nice! you do the tux to? I think the text need aligning...it's off to the left


/bvc thinks about a milk_chocolate gtk/metacity

nope, the tux was painted by someone else. it is a well known and beautiful version of tux i think it was 600x600 pixels).

the text is not off to the left, it only looks that way due to the fat a** of tux :D and the inverted text. (if you have black on one side and white on the other, it automatically "drags" a picture to one side ;))

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