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Guest anon

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Here it is.. watch out now..

# XScreenSaver Preferences File

# Written by xscreensaver-demo 4.05 for dmage on Fri Nov 22 01:41:14 2002.

# http://www.jwz.org/xscreensaver/

timeout:	0:10:00

cycle:  0:10:00

lock:  False

lockTimeout:	0:00:00

passwdTimeout:	0:01:00

visualID:	default

installColormap:    True

verbose:	False

timestamp:	True

splash:  True

splashDuration:	0:00:05

demoCommand:	xscreensaver-demo

prefsCommand:	xscreensaver-demo -prefs

helpURL:	http://www.jwz.org/xscreensaver/man.html

loadURL:	$BROWSER '%s'

nice:  10

memoryLimit:	0

fade:  False

unfade:  False

fadeSeconds:	0:00:03

fadeTicks:	20

captureStderr:	True

font:  *-medium-r-*-140-*-m-*

dpmsEnabled:	True

dpmsStandby:	2:00:00

dpmsSuspend:	2:00:00

dpmsOff:	4:00:00

grabDesktopImages:  False

grabVideoFrames:    False

chooseRandomImages: False


mode:  one

selected:	136


 default-n:        "GDadou"  chbg -xscreensaver -mode smart -bg       


     -interval 0.08 -randomize -effect 1       

     -speed 50          

     -R /usr/share/mdk/screensaver/*.png     n

  "Qix (solid)"  qix -root -solid -segments 100      n

   "Qix (transparent)"  qix -root -count 4 -solid -transparent     n

 "Qix (linear)"  qix -root -count 5 -solid -transparent       

     -linear -segments 250 -size 100     n

- mono:     "Qix (xor)"  qix -root -linear -count 5 -size 200       

     -spread 30 -segments 75 -solid -xor     n

  "Attraction (balls)"  attraction -root -mode balls      n

  "Attraction (lines)"  attraction -root -mode lines -points 3       

     -segments 200        n

-    "Attraction (poly)"  attraction -root -mode polygons      n

"Attraction (splines)"  attraction -root -mode splines -segments      

     300         n

"Attraction (orbital)"  attraction -root -mode lines -radius 300      

     -orbit -vmult 0.5       n

   pyro -root        n

   rocks -root        n

   helix -root        n

   pedal -root        n

   rorschach -root -offset 7      n

   hopalong -root        n

   greynetic -root        n

   imsmap -root        n

   slidescreen -root       n

   decayscreen -root       n

   jigsaw -root        n

   blitspin -root -grab       n

   slip -root        n

   distort -root        n

   spotlight -root        n

      "Ripples (oily)"  ripples -root -oily -light 2      n

      "Ripples (stir)"  ripples -root -oily -light 2 -stir     n

   "Ripples (desktop)"  ripples -root -water -light 6      n

   hypercube -root        n

   hyperball -root        n

   halo -root        n

   maze -root        n

   noseguy -root        n

   flame -root        n

   lmorph -root        n

   deco -root        n

   moire -root        n

   moire2 -root        n

   lightning -root        n

   strange -root        n

   spiral -root        n

   laser -root        n

   grav -root        n

       "Grav (trails)"  grav -root -trail -decay      n

   drift -root        n

   ifs -root        n

   julia -root        n

   penrose -root        n

   sierpinski -root       n

   braid -root        n

   galaxy -root        n

   bouboule -root        n

   swirl -root        n

   flag -root        n

   sphere -root        n

   forest -root        n

   lisa -root        n

   lissie -root        n

   goop -root -max-velocity 0.5 -elasticity      

     0.9         n

   starfish -root        n

     "Starfish (blob)"  starfish -root -blob       n

   munch -root        n

   fadeplot -root        n

   coral -root -delay 0       n

   mountain -root        n

   triangle -root -delay 1       n

   worm -root        n

   rotor -root        n

   ant -root        n

   demon -root        n

   loop -root        n

   vines -root        n

   kaleidescope -root       n

   xlyap -root -randomize       n

   cynosure -root        n

   flow -root        n

   epicycle -root        n

   interference -root       n

   truchet -root -randomize      n

   bsod -root        n

   crystal -root        n

   discrete -root        n

   kumppa -root        n

   rd-bomb -root        n

    "RD-Bomb (mobile)"  rd-bomb -root -speed 1 -size 0.1     n

   sonar -root        n

   t3d -root        n

   penetrate -root        n

   deluxe -root        n

   compass -root        n

   squiral -root        n

   xflame -root        n

   wander -root        n

      "Wander (spots)"  wander -root -advance 0 -size 10 -circles     

     -length 10000 -reset 100000      n

   critical -root        n

   phosphor -root        n

   petri -root -size 2 -count 20      n

      "Petri 2"  petri -root -minlifespeed 0.02        

     -maxlifespeed 0.03 -minlifespan 1       

     -maxlifespan 1 -instantdeathchan 0       

     -minorchan 0 -anychan 0.3      n

   shadebobs -root        n

   ccurve -root        n

   blaster -root        n

   bumps -root        n

   xteevee -root        n

   xspirograph -root       n

   nerverot -root        n

-     "NerveRot (dense)"  nerverot -root -count 1000      n

-     "NerveRot (thick)"  nerverot -root -count 100 -line-width 4       

     -max-nerve-radius 0.8 -nervousness 0.5      

     -db         n

   xrayswarm -root        n

-       "Zoom (Fatbits)"  zoom -root        n

       "Zoom (Lenses)"  zoom -root -lenses       n

   rotzoomer -root        n

-   "RotZoomer (mobile)"  rotzoomer -root -move       n

-    "RotZoomer (sweep)"  rotzoomer -root -sweep       n

   whirlwindwarp -root       n

   whirlygig -root        n

   speedmine -root        n

    "SpeedWorm"  speedmine -root -worm       n

   vermiculate -root       n

   twang -root        n

   apollonian -root       n

   euler2d -root        n

     "Euler2d (dense)"  euler2d -root -count 4000 -eulertail 400      

     -ncolors 230        n

-    juggle -root        n

   polyominoes -root       n

-    thornbird -root        n

   fluidballs -root       n

   anemone -root        n

 GL:   	 cyclone --root        n

 GL:   	 cyclone --root        n

 GL:   	 euphoria --root        n

 GL:   	 fieldlines --root       n

 GL:   	 flocks --root        n

 GL:   	 flux --root        n

 GL:   	 helios --root        n

 GL:   	 lattice --root        n

 GL:   	 plasma --root        n

 GL:   	 skyrocket --root       n

 GL:   	 solarwinds --root       n

 GL:   	 colorfire --root       n

 GL: 	 "Hufo's Smoke"  hufo_smoke --root       n

 GL:         "Hufo's Tunnel"  hufo_tunnel --root       n

 GL:   	 sundancer2 --root       n

 color:    bubbles -root        n

- default-n:    webcollage -root       n

- default-n:  "WebCollage (whacked)"           

     webcollage -root -filter 'vidwhacker       

     -stdin -stdout'       n

- GL:   	 euphoria -root        n

- default-n:    vidwhacker -root       n

pointerPollTime:    0:00:05


initialDelay:	0:00:00

sgiSaverExtension:  True

mitSaverExtension:  False

xidleExtension:	True

procInterrupts:	True

overlayStderr:	True

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I got it to work in the sense that I have no error messages and I can see it on the screen. However, it is going extremely slow as in 1 replot every 5-10 seconds. It doesn't do this in windows. I have a NVIDIA Geoforce 256 graphics board but haven't installed the nvidia drivers (still working off the installed kernel). Is this why, do you think?

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That's the answer.. The regular XFree's version of the nvidia driver (nv) is not accelerated, so it is using software mode to draw all those 3d stuffs. Once I tried playing tuxracer on a friend's computer with the same video card without nvidia's version of the driver and I get seconds per frame instead of frames per second. So install the nvidia driver asap.. your computer will thank you :)

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Ok guys I tried this and is not Auto starting for me when i go into X.

It runs normaly whenever I start it myself but I would like it to start when X does.

Even the man pages for this don't help. I have got be be doing something thats just small and stupid.

Maybe if someone running this in Mandrake 9.0 can just post their autostart file I can figure out what the heck I'm doing wrong.

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Guest c_m_f

oh well here is something even better!


in kde 3.2 kdesktop will allow progrmas to be run, basically a program as background!


so..... beautiful screensavers as background, im seriously looking forward to Keuphoria (GL) on my background :D


bring on 3.2

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To get xscreensaver startup in kde, follow the instructions on the first page of the thread except add the

xscreensaver-command -activate

command to the script.....here's mine (xsaver.sh);

# !/bin/sh

xscreensaver -nosplash &

(sleep :10 xscreensaver-command -activate) &

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Finally got xmatrix running in xscreensaver. I ended up downloading the latest xscreensaver and extracting the xmatrix files to the correct locations. Basically I just added xmatrix to the existing xscreensaver running on my computer. I did try compiling the latest but it would crap on make with errors having to do with "duplicate message definitions"...

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