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mac OS X dock bar


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I switched to using the superkaramba version of the mac osx dockbar. At first I was using macosx.theme which loads both the dock and bar, but was buggy so I used the macosxbar2.theme for the Karamba theme and macosxbar.theme for superkaramba. Reason being, I found the dock for superkaramba to work better. It is faster and smoother. The Karamba version of the dockbar worked very slow and was resource hungery.

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Your quite welcome. I may change the look a little bit. I saw a nice task bar that i'd lik to try out and give it a more unique look, but in the end of the day, I always come back to Flux.

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Does anyone know where the Config file is kept for Kxdocker?  I can't find it and find keeps crashing on me.

there is a configurator for kxdocker. i think the binary is kxdocker_configurator.


if no the only you cna find it is to use the gnome finnd i dont know what is the binary name but if you loged into gnome you cna easely find kxdocker_conf.xml or something like this. i have only tried once.


hopes this helps a little bit

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