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how do I execute a bin.jar file?


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Found a neat money manager called jgnash, written in java??

To execute the program, called "jgnash_bin.jar"

The author told me to do

java -jar jgnash_bin.jar

Well, that works fine, but it is a little awkward to do all that every time I want to run that...

is there a way to make a script or somthing to put on my desktop to do that?

I tried making a link to application on my desktop, using the above command, but when I clicked on it, it said "couldn't find java"

Please, any ideas?


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check out this tutorial on the alias command. You can create a short command that is equivilent to what you are typing. Not sure why your desktop shortcut didn't work.


e.g. alias mmm='java -jar bin.jar'




The entire web site is good reading if you want to get into linux a bit more.

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You probably did something different. Check out that tutorial from the first page and spend an afternoon going through it. It clears up a lot of issues and you can start enjoying linux more from a console level. The only thing I use my desktop for is the menu bar. I don't usually use the file browser.

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