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Getting SCIM running for Chinese input in Mdk 9.1


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Just a short addendum to my previous post...


On a hunch, I tried getting SCIM set up and then logging into KDE instead of Gnome. Everything worked perfectly. So, it's a problem with Gnome. I already made sure both ~/.18n and /etc/sysconfig/i18n have the "GTK_IM_MODULE=xim" line, but that didn't change anything. As Mr. Su says on his page, I also ran "gtk-query-immodules-2.0 > /etc/gtk-2.0/gtk.immodules" as root. This also didn't help. I tried "scim -f socket -ns socket -d", as he mentions, but that resulted in this:

Smart Common Input Method 0.9.0

Loading simple Config module ...
Creating backend ...
Loading Server module: pinyin ...
   Loading Server Factory 0 ... : OK
pinyin Server module is successfully loaded.
Loading Server module: rawcode ...
   Loading Server Factory 0 ... : OK
rawcode Server module is successfully loaded.
Loading Server module: table ...
   Loading Server Factory 0 ... : OK
   Loading Server Factory 1 ... : OK
   Loading Server Factory 2 ... : OK
   Loading Server Factory 3 ... : OK
   Loading Server Factory 4 ... : OK
   Loading Server Factory 5 ... : OK
   Loading Server Factory 6 ... : OK
table Server module is successfully loaded.
Loading socket FrontEnd module ...
Failed to load socket FrontEnd module.

I don't know what that means.


I'm getting closer to the solution, I can feel it. And all thanks to you, zero0w! :)

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Gnome2 and GTK2 applications can use a different input protocol, gtk2 immodule, in addition to XIM (X Input Method). The latter can be used in KDE/Qt and other GUI applications, while the former is for GTK2-apps only if my understanding is correct.


I am not sure about the benefit or difference between the two input protocols, but I can tell that some people have been experienceing problems without adding the line:




to the ~/.i18n file, I would guess the line means pointing gtk2 immodule to use the same input program which XIM is using. In other words, by making XIM=program1 and GTK_IM_MODULE=program2, you can make different applications using different input method. By stating GTK_IM_MODULE=xim (in lower case again) you will be using the same input method across GTK2 and non-GTK2 applications.


Also, SCIM's user manual in Simplified Chinese:



I don't use Gnome2 so I am not sure how that gtk2-immodule works for SCIM under Gnome, I think James Su is the person you should talk to for a direct answer in LinuxSir BBS.


Oh, and one more thing, the sodipodi screenshots are not my own artwork. :lol:

I hope I can achieve such quality of illustration in some day. My contention is only to show what SVG format and sodiopodi is capable to produce. By the way, in KDE 3.2 a SVG viewer is bundled called KSVG. Mozilla SVG support, hopefully will be available someday now that KSVG and Konqueror is offering some competition in the picture.

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Just tried to login as Gnome, no problem with SCIM (without installing gtk2-immodule) whatsoever:


It is working with this setting in ~/.i18n, as I posted earlier:























Just check out this screenshot.


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I checked out the documentation page you mentioned. The combination of computer terms and simplified Chinese confused me quite a bit, but I noticed one thing: Su says to use GTK_IM_MODULE=scim, not GTK_IM_MODULE=xim. I changed this. On login, SCIM still wasn't working, so I put it on the back burner.


However, I was having some other problems -- something was making Gnome very slow, messing with the Gimp interface, etc. -- so I had to restart the system a couple times. On the most recent restart, among other benefits, SCIM was working correctly. SCIM 好像可以用了! It's a little slow, but it seems very stable. Now I just need to figure out how to use tones. :)


Thanks again for all your help, zero0w. I will credit you when I get this all written up as a how-to. Would you like me to say anything specific there (your homepage, e-mail address, etc.)?


Happy happy happy! :) I don't know how I got it fixed, but I got it fixed!

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I think maybe something is screwed up with your Gnome, other than that SCIM should be working fine once the ~/.i18n file is set properly.


SCIM is working fine in my Gnome desktop.


One approach to test this theory is to create a new user aco****, login w/ Gnome and put the modified ~/.i18n right into place, logout/re-login, and check if SCIM works properly.

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