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9.2 Boot Disks

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Newbie Linux user here offering some advice...


Using the rawrite Utility... (Article found on http://www.redhat.com)


To make diskette using the MS-DOS, use the rawrite utility included on the Red Hat Linux CD_ROM in the dosutils firectory. First, Label al blank, formatted 3.5-inch diskette appropriately. Insert it into the diskette drive, Then, use the following commands (assuming your CD-Rom is drive D:)


C:\> d:


Enter disk image source file name: ..\images\cdrom.img

Enter target diskette drive: a:

Please insert a formatted diskette into drive A: and press --Enter-- : [Enter]



You will then have your Mandrake 9.2 Bootdisk.





(if anyone has information on "How to create a boot disk" from the mandrake terminal console, please post to this message)


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