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Can't boot after replacing kernel


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HI. I recently updated to Mageia 2 kernel-server-3.4.52. This kernel has been working ok for several days.


In order to save space I decided to remove most of the older kernels, including the oldest one, the one that comes with Mageia 2. I left two kernels: 3.4.52 and another one (.3.3.8).


I restarted and can't boot anymore: the Grub screen shows a black screen with the command used to get to the kernel and the corresponding options. Nothing else. The computer freezes there, doesn't even show a kernel panic message and I have to hit the reset button.


I tried using the rescue disk, but it gives me an:


Error 12: Error 12: Invalid device requested


However I did not change partitions in any way. Also, The physical HDD is ok, because I was able to boot Windows 7 from it (it's a dual boot).


Currently I'm trying to boot that kernel from a second HD that has Mandriva 2010 in it. But I don't know what the instruction should be. I have this in MCC/Boot:










But it's giving me a "kernel too old" error.


Finally, the problem seems to have stemed from removing the default kernel, why could this have happened? Should I reinstall everything or can I just reinstall the old kernel?


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How did you remove the kernels?


If you still have the install medea "the DVD not the live CD" start an installation and when asked choose to upgrade.

That may give you a bootable kernel.

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