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Hi all.


I'm running Mageia 2 at the minute (only for a little while longer :) )


I have tried using Kompozer, but it is a bit buggy.


I was hoping Joomla was in the rep's, but it doesn't appear to be.


What app are you using, or can suggest? I would rather stick with WYSIWYG, I have a handle on HTML, but don't have complicated needs and hours to spend on putting these pages together.


All help appreciated.

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You don't need joomla in the repos, it's dead easy to setup without it. Just extract and then when you're going through the installer, you'll get to add in any dependencies from the repos anyway. I've been using it for years, although now one of my sites is on Drupal.


I thoroughly recommend Joomla, it's cool. I still need to migrate sites from 1.5 to the latest version and will get around to it soon.


The problem with Joomla from repos, is in my experience from Gentoo, that when I updated, I then had to go through all the config again to get the site working. This is why it's best just to extract the source into /var/www or wherever your web site will be located on your machine.


It's not that hard, there's nothing to compile. Just any dependencies just need to be installed if it's PHP, etc, and a MySQL database is required so get that installed first also.

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strictly a vi guy me

I have used an "app" for web development in .. sheesh .. since about 1999 maybe ?

as ian mentions, you can get the code directly from joomla, if you wrap it with a package manager, crazy stuff can happen come update time.


I'm not a joomla fan, more of a wordpress guy .. but they're all muich of a muchness nowadays . .each with their own quirks

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Thanks Ian. I didn't understand what you meant at all, but I downloaded Joomla onto my box, took me forever to setup a database and kinda make a site. lol. Most online tutorials recommend using a host that has joomla already on their servers. For me, for the site I have in mind, that is the way to go.


But.....Now I have joomla installed locally, I'll build an inhouse site for fast access to all the businesses most commonly used links, internal docs etc.


Thanks Paul. Yes, I can see how updates could be an absolute disaster at update time. I just don't have the time code by hand, not for my simple needs anyway. I have a friend that built his entire sites by code, everytime he updates or makes an adjustment it takes him hours and hours. A few frilly pictures, and my contact details is all I need, a cms will be fine.

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