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mtx driver corrupt

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Running 2009:1 due to various Raid cards and matrox parhelia pci-x 256 multi monitor support.


all been working fine for a long time, but when deleting virtualbox OSE for virtualbox full ( due to lack of USB support, my graphics driver reverted to basic only.

I still have multi monitor support but the 3d accelaration / rendering has completely gone.This causes very slow file manipulation/ browsing and the only solution I can think off is a full reload.

As I have multiple partitions and raid stacks i was wondering if any of you guys has another solution?


Not sure which matrox driver I had running was either (mtxdriver-installer-x86_32-1.4.6, or mtxdriver-installer-x86_32-cvs-20090511) but have tried re-installing both - to no avail. must have lost all 3D/GLX reference's/ files

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