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After you install your Distro, what do you do next


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Hi all, It has been a while. I miss this forum and in an attempt to get some good discussion going.....


Ok, you just finished the install of {your distro here}, and signed into it. What do you generally do next? I always do a system update, and if I am trying a new distro, make sure all of the sources I need are setup. Then I always install K3b, DVDrip, playonlinux, gpodder and Xtrkcad, along with any missing multimedia codecs. Then with playonlinux, I install office 2007. I like libre/open office but if I need to do work from home, I need to make sure the format is correct, and I have had some issues in the past with libre / open office.


Now, while I do my updates and installs, the stock wallpaper is gone and I either search for a pic or use one I already have.


So, how do you set yourself up?

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I generally after installation, do the updates, install some extra programs that I need - usually vlc plus others and codecs, media conversion - avidemux, devede, dvdrip, changing the desktop wallpaper, plus other desktop customisation - if Gnome, then the themes, icons, etc however lately have Unity, so a bit difficult to change anything more now.


Oh, and copy my data back if I was making a clean install and repartitioning of the disk/encryption of my partitions.

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