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Mageia 2 Start up


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Hi all,


I'm completely baffled here.


Before I get flamed for using fake raid, please be aware that it suits my dual boot system.


Once mageia 2 is installed, i was able to install mdraid, then


# dmraid -r


Which accurately found my array drives.


# dmraid -ay


Activates the array properly, then I simply mount it and everything is perfect.


Until the next reboot. I have to run


# dmraid -ay


to activate the array, then i have to mount it.


If I mount it in fstab it hangs, as the array isn't activated.


I activated and mounted it, ran mkinitrd, but this didn't work either.


I was able to get a partial solution by using rc.local, but this was less than ideal, as I like to use system links to the data array.


To many hours on the net show this is possibly a mageia 2 bug.


All I need is to be able to activate the array as soon as the dmraid driver mounts, then everything will work.


It sounds sooooo simple...........

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Since Mageia is using systemd try:

systemctl list-unit-files |grep dmraid

If you've got a "dmraid.service" file (that's its name on Arch) then try:

systemctl enable dmraid.service

as root. Hopefully it'll be that easy but I don't use dmraid so don't know :)

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I was guessing and guessed wrong. I can't see any systemd config files for dmraid (dm.service is something to do with display manager) on Mageia. Unless you can find something in MCC (services section) you might want to ask the Mageia devs for help or they might create a dmraid.service file for you.

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