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ASUS 1215B laptop - suspend/resume + other issues


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Adding a pm-utils hook for bluetooth to recover correctly.


Having tried a few methods it seems best to work within pm-utils to do this. The hook provided is /usr/lib64/pm-utils/sleep.d/49bluetooth this is best removed as it is actually obsolete and seems to cause the wakeup to fail in conjunction with a new hook which simply closes down bluetooth nicely and starts (re-starts) it on resume:


I've called it 03wake-bt



case $1 in
       hciconfig hci0 down
       hciconfig hci0 down && hciconfig hci0 up
   *)  exit $NA ;;


Since it is not part of the distribution I've put it in /etc/pm/sleep.d/


This seems to bring back the BT by stopping and starting it.

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This is likely to be the last update here as I've jumped ship and gone for a more up to date KDE distro. After a bit of research I've settled for Sabayon 10 which has KDE 4.9.3 and 3.5.0 kernel. Out of the box it is optimised for AMD 64 hardware with fglrx as standard. It is based on Gentoo which is a much more "hair shirt" basic experience. Sabayon on the other hand provides all the creature comforts of a good desktop distribution.


I now have:

  1. Rock solid suspend/resume
  2. Generally faster/stable desktop
  3. Latest versions of most applications


Small fixes were required for:

  1. Added the "modules" file with only the SLEEP_MODULE="uswsusp" to secure good suspend/resume
  2. Bluetooth demon not starting at login (rc-update add bluetooth default)
  3. USB modeswitch tweaks for the Huawei E353 3G dongle (as for previous Mandriva fix)
  4. Sound distortion problems with Skype/Pidgin/Thunderbird - Mostly good now except Skype microphone speech generates background static.
  5. OpenVPN Network Manager demon not starting at login - OpenVPN now works again from Networkmanager though the networking interface info is not shown.(/usr/libexec/nm-openvpn-service then rc-update add /usr/libexec/nm-openvpn-service default)


It is best to back up everything from your home folder and allow the installer to reformat the disk. I restored key configurations such as Thunderbird mail, Mozilla Firefox, Pidgin and Skype after install to get back to my working environment more quickly.


The learning process with Mandriva has certainly helped in this move.


I considered moving to Mandriva Rosa 2012 but the release has been too slow. It may well run as well as Sabayon 10 but for now I'll stick with this flavour of Linux.


The only real adjustment is loosing the Draktools collection and having to work with a different package manager. The standard KDE control panels are mostly adequate. Package management seems less user controlled. There is obviosly much magic under the hood of Rigo the GUI package tool, but to see what is going on I find it often easier to work with "equo" from the command line. Care has to be exercised as no warning is given that removing one package may rip out essential parts of KDE!!


When I fully get to grips with the "Gentoo way" where many packages are installed from source and compiled, I may sing its praises. This is slower than pre-compiled .rpm or .deb packages. I will have to examine how the .ebuild system works. The advantage is probably that the app is built on the target machine.

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Извините, что пишу на руÑÑком! Подтверждаю, что уÑтановка более Ñвежего Ñдра иÑправит ошибку ждущего режима (suspend). У Ð¼ÐµÐ½Ñ ÑƒÑтановлен Debian 6.0.6 amd64, kern 3.6.9, asus 1215b e-450... Ð’ÑÑ‘ работает проÑто замечательно, пользуюÑÑŒ ждущим режимом (suspend) раз 5 в Ñутки, уже прошел меÑÑц и ни одного ÑÐ±Ð¾Ñ Ð¿Ñ€Ð¸ выходе из ждущего режима (suspend)... CxOrg, большое ÑпаÑибо за проделанную работу!!! )))

PS. Когда было уÑтановлено Ñдро 3.2 ждущий режим (suspend) не работал!


Sorry to write in Russian! Certify that the installation of a more recent kernel bug fix standby (suspend). I have installed Debian 6.0.6 amd64, kern 3.6.9, asus 1215b e-450... Everything works just fine, I use standby mode (suspend) times 5 a day, a month has passed and not a single crash when resuming from standby mode (suspend)... CxOrg, many thanks for the work done! )))

PS. When it was established kernel 3.2 standby (suspend) did not work!

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