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How are you living digitally?


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Hi all,


I'm gearing up to become ready for the current world in which we live.


What I'm wondering is how is everyone accessing their data on the move?


Given Apple's some what 'take it or leave it' approach, I assume most Linux users have stayed away from the i devices?


I personally are thinking of setting up a "one" account through Ubuntu, which can be accessed through a browser. That way, I can access it at home on my Linux box, I can access on the move through Android devices "eg phones or tablets" or even windows pcs. For music I would probably use a generic MP3 player rather than the ipod path.


Does this sound wise? Does anyone else have another method they are using?


I am most interesting in hearing how people are managing this.



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I am managing by avoiding any digital assist on my side when out-of-the-house.

It is good to have yourself disconnected from the internet every then-and-now.

Love to have the feeling not being available for some time.

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I have Dropbox instead of Ubuntu One, then I'm platform independant. Can access via a web browser, and the dropbox client for sync of files is available for most distros without any problems. 2GB free space, if I or someone you know who has dropbox was to invite you, we/you and your friend would both get an extra 256MB.


Had two Android phones, one Samsung (private), one HTC (work) which now is superceded by iPhone 4S (work - thanks for the present). Prefer the HTC, implementation of Android with HTC Sense is great user experience. Manage to survive disconnected, although with the phones I can still connect, but then it's just for email mostly.

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I have an svn server for files (important stuff)


Have an iPad mainly for watching videos in bed nowadays :) I bought "air share" for iOS and have an air share server running on my media box which is under my TV (which runs ubuntu and xbmc)

Have an android phone for my daily social network whoring :) and email etc

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Thanks guys. I think I'm gonna go android phone, and use google storage just for the absolutely necessary files.


If I need more than that, I may have to look into setting up private cloud, with a home/business based server thats remotely accessible.

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