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linux login - Unsuccessful


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Ok, I believe that this is a fairly simple fix, but to be honesty my system has been running so steady for so long I have forgotten a LOT of what I used to know, so I'm hoping you can help a (getting)older guy with what I believe is a simple fix.


Running 2011 x64 on a 6 core AMD w/ 8GB ram NVIDIA and a 17" flat screen


I wasn't thrilled with my desktop resolution, and when I looked I saw that the monitor was listed as default but I was quite sure mine was listed.


So I went to the control panel/hardware/video and changed the monitor to the makers name and model.


Now it offered me a really goofy resolution, something like 1700x1450, WAY to small for me, and I like small screens.


So I chose "other" and set it for 1280x1024 and hit apply


I THOUGHT that MDV used to test a video change, then if you didn't hit OK in 30 seconds (or so) it reverted back to what it was.


Well, this didn't.


So I got a black screen and nothing else.


Hard reboot, default choice on the menu is "linux" and it goes straight into a black screen.


Now if I manually choose (bare with me this is my memory here) linux noFB (I think)?


It boots to a bare, but usable desktop


2 questions.


1) I dont remember what "linux NOFB" stands for anymore, so I dont know what I'm losing, besides screen real estate


2) Isn't there a "simple" way to lix this>? I sure would appreciate any and all suggestions







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I would expect it created a /etc/X11/xorg.conf. What you can do is open up a console window and then:


su (enter root password when prompted)
cd /etc/X11
mv xorg.conf xorg.conf.backup


then restart your system. Then it will auto-detect your xorg settings and give you perhaps a better looking desktop. As for the NOFB - No Framebuffer is what I'm pretty sure it stands for.

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Guest dbman

Hello Computer folks,


It’s understandable that many of you ask why someone would want to login as root in Mandriva, yet you still don’t give those who ask how an answer. Number one many thing can be install without having to login as root but chance may give you a need to so…. The answer to many peoples questions


How to login to Mandriva 2011 as root


First you will have to understand a text editor what you use is up to you second you have to find the file called kdmrc it can be found in two location one in Var and the other in usr/shar/config/kdm


What you will have to change is AllowRootLogin =true.. after that you save your work


Then you have to change how you login by going to configure your desktop go to system administration click on login screen then click on the panel that has Theme and use one that allows you to add the user name which one is up to you. Then go to users panel and make sure that root is not the excluded user. Reboot and your done..


Not to hard


Live free and Use Mandriva because the other distro’s suck.


Anthony S



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