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Is there an editor like this??


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If you are familiar with Quanta, it's great. You can have a bunch of files and directories all associated as a project. Then, you load the project file and it loads the directory structure in the left pane... You can edit the files on the right pane.


I want a text editor that does that (for programming). Preferably with syntax highlighting (as Quanta has for webpage source), but not a necessity.


What I don't want is a bloated IDE (KDevelop), something that automates everything, or something that doesn't manage projects properly (Kate).


Any ideas?

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Guest johnKFT

Have you tried Moleskine? I use it for all my editing now - text, HTML etc. It has syntax highlighting, can load sessions (groups of files), has tabs, drag and drop, Gnome etc. Very nice. Can't remember the URL and don't have it bookmarked yet as I have just changed browsers, but Google should find it.



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NEdit does let you add menu options and you can set hotkeys to those, but I'm not sure about the project stuff..




^^ I used NEdit a while ago... I grew out of it REAL quick.


KATE rocks so far.

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