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Help - Mandriva boots only to console mode

Guest dancer_69

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Guest dancer_69

I have installed madriva 2011 and it's my first time using this distro.

The system works fine before this problem appear, the last time I was login to kde and I didn't install anything new or update the system.

I just used firefox and some media player stuff. Powered off pc, and the next day I tried to boot to madriva, only console mode was available.

I can login to my user or to root user and I can start kdm, but when trying to login to kde only a black screen appears for a wild and then fallback to kdm. I tried to startx manually, but same thing happens again.

This is not kde user's only problem, because I tried the same and for root user(which I dind't used never before, so there isn't created a .kde4 user folder)

I'm new to madriva and I don't know how to find what causes this problem.

Can someone help me?

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I experienced something similar, my guess is that Plasma is crashing. .xsession-error files usually give you the issues. I will recomend to install a second window manager to fall back like urpmi task-lxde or icewm.

I recomend using

tail -f .xsession-error

on a console before going Ctrl-Alt-F8

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