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Me TV after the big switch in Scotland

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After 22nd of June I have been unable to find any channels with Me Tv. Is there anyone who can help?

There is two ways to find the channels to Me Tv and I have always used a scan file that came with the Me Tv (uk-blackhill) but now that and all the other scan files do not work anymore.

I know my DVB-T stick is still working as I am able to watch one BBC channel with VLC and in Windows I get around 6 different channels but I would love to continue using Me Tv as I like the simple GUI and ease of use.


I am using Mandriva 2010.2 and Me Tv 1.1.5 and my DVB-T stick is a Hauppauge Nova-T WinTV DVB-T/TNT/Freeview TV receiver

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Maybe running the latest version me-tv-2.0.1 might solve your problem.

Is that found from some urpmi reposity - I don't seem to be able to find it from package manager? I do not remember if I have installed the version 1.1.5 with urpmi or not...


I did scan the channels with all the uk scan files again (few times) during the weekend and do have some channels but not all I had before the switch. I'll give a try with the 2.0.1 me-tv and see if that finds more (even if I have to install it from the source) hate being unable to see the Emmerdale at 7pm :lol2: .

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I don't see me-tv in the repos, so I can only assume you must have installed it from source. Should you decide to go down that route again, here is a list of packages you will definitely need for a successful compile:

libglibmm2.4-devel - Provides = glibmm-2.4 & giomm-2.4

libxml++2.6-devel - Provides = libxml++-2.6

libgtkmm2.4-devel - Provides = gtkmm-2.4

libgconfmm2.6-devel - Provides = gconfmm-2.6

libunique-devel - Provides = unique-1.0

libxine-devel - Provides = libxine

libvlc-devel - Provides = libvlc

libgstreamer0.10-devel - Provides = gstreamer-0.10

libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-devel - Provides = gstreamer-interfaces-0.10


I occasionally compile packages so it's possible you may need other *devel packages in addition to those listed above. If you have any problems / error messages you can't resolve, post an output here and I'll try to assist.



Good Luck :)

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