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Need help restoring Kmenu

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Hello everybody.


I really need help today:


I messed up KDE4 menu on Mandriva 2010, there were too amny duplicate entries, so I used the restore option in kmenuedit.



However I ran into 2 problems:


1-If I open Kmenuedit, I can still see older submenus I created.

2 -The entire list of programs installed with wine went away


I deleted the $HOME/.config/menu folder and it didn't work. There is nothing in that folder now, yet older entries keep showing up. My guess is that, somehow, KDE is obtaining that data from somewhere else.



I had a backup of the menus folder before messing it upo, but restoring it has no effect as it only restores the subfolders, but not their icons (???)


Can you tell me how to completely wipe out the menu data and make it go back to its default?


Thank you.

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Delete the hidden folder .kde4?


This procedure has worked for me several times, however all settings stored in .kde4 will be lost. Use Control-Alt-F1 to switch to text mode, log in as root, type "init 2" (an easy way to stop KDE), find the .kde4 directory in /home/user/ and delete it. Reboot using the command "shutdown -r now". The next time KDE runs, the .kde4 directory will be recreated with default settings the same as when creating a new user account.

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You don't need to switch to runlevel 2 using init 2 to do this. You can just log out of X and just CTRL-ALT-F1 to the console, login as your regular user and remove the .kde4 directory. Then just switch back to X with ALT-F7. No reboot required either.

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I managed to delete only the menu. You see, the menu per se is in $HOME/.config/menus/, but there are some .destop files in$HOME/.local/share/applications/


This is also why some entries in the menu end up appearing twice in the menu when you write their name in the serach box.



Thank you all for your suggestions.



Now, who knows how to restore the Wine menu? It's the only part of the menu that I haven't been able to restore. I'm not talking about the menu but about the list of programs that appears once you start installing programs via wine.

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