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Scanner for HP F380 Not Supported [solved]

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I have an old HP Deskjet F380 combination printer/scanner and I am trying to install it on Mandriva 2010.2.


The printer works fine, but the scanner apparently is not supported. In the scanner setup tool it told me to select a model from a list that did not include the F380, but it had a generic selection "Most HP Combination" devices, which I selected. It then told me to configure the scanner using the printer setup.


The printer setup tool makes no mention of scanner setup, so I am stuck. It did have an optional box labeled "Duplex Installed", which I have not tried yet. Is that duplex printing, or something else? I don't really care about duplex printing on an old spit printer.


This scanner worked fine under Mandriva 2008.1.


Printers and scanners are black boxes for me, so any help on where to start looking would be appreciated.





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I have a Deskjet F380 as well, but never had to select a model for scanning. Where was this? I just ran xsane and then started using the scanner. Sometimes I had to add myself to a few groups first to get it to work. Usually plugdev, and some others as well.

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OK. This is strange. Here is what I did yesterday.


I plugged in the F380 and nothing happened. No dialog boxes popped up saying that the system had seen new hardware.


So I went to Control Center => Hardware => Setup Printers and clicked Add Printer. It recognized the F380 so I stepped through the installation sequence and it installed a huge number of packages like foomatic and cups and hplip etc. Then I printed the test page and all was well.


Then I went to Control Center => Hardware => Setup Scanner and that is where it said that it saw the "F380" and that it is not supported so please pick out one from the following list, and then presented a HUGE list of printers... which did not contain mine. That is where I chose the "Most HP Combination" devices item and jumped through the hoops and it said that I had to go through Setup Printer to set that one up. So I went back to Setup Printer and saw nothing in any of that interface that had to do with the scanner.


I ran Skanlite and it said that there were no scanners found. So I shut down and went to bed.


This morning, in order to answer your question accurately, I went through the steps again, Control Center => Hardware => Setup Scanner and this time it said that it had to install




I said "OK" and it installed the packages and the scanner works.


So I am a bit confused about why it took two trips through Setup Scanner with a reboot in between to get it done. Is a reboot required between setting up printers/scanners? I am afraid that this stuff is all a black box to me.


Way back in my Unix days, I touched printcap and lived to tell about it :o, but all of this is beyond my understanding now.


But it does work. :thumbs:


Thanks for the help again.




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No, reboot not normally necessary. I got mine working without the reboot, but sometimes a logout and login is required if you add yourself to new groups.


Incidently, maybe the closest to yours would be "Deskjet F300 series".

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