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Epson NX127 all-in one printer & scanner [solved]

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Needed a new printer, picked up an Epson NX127 as Linuxprinting.org shows it as fully supported...

well... It apparently assumes a current version of cups, Gutenprint, iscan and foomatic.


Installed/updated Cooker and printer/scanner both worked once the avasys.jp rpms were installed.(has other showstoppers)


I installed/updated SUSE11.4 on a spare partition and installing the RPMs from avasys.jp (worked),

Unfortunately Mythtv is horribly hosed on both setups

(cooker kernel doesn't support v4l1 devices at the moment, SUSE recording playback simply doesnt, and I don't feel like fighting with it anymore)


So... I'm back to trying to get 2010.2 working again, painless install (only need to add "vmalloc=256M" for the nvidia card) fresh, ran printer setup, plugged in printer, system installed iscan 1.02 and the epson printing task, printer is setup and produces nothing but solid black prints, and gives a "ps2raster" failure, which I assume is the slid black page cause.


Install the Avasys rpms, selected the included ppd, restarted everything and nada, the print filter failed.

These rpm are for LSB3.2, perhaps an issue?


OK, so how do I gracefully update 2010.2 to ~current versions of cups, gutenprint, iscan and foomatic?

(Hint--- Even the versions in cooker are pretty ancient)

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Update: Got the printer side working using the Epson Stylus NX115 Foomatic/gutenprint-ijs.5.2 driver

(this is what Ubuntu installed/selected automagically, Ubuntus RAID handling is horribly borked BTW)

Scanner worked after installing iscan-2.26 and the iscan-data-1.81 rpms off the avasys.jp site.


running iscan it came right up.


Scanner was still not found, manually configured it as an Epson RX420 and it worked, perhaps by chance.


Works from gimp/xsane etc now as well.

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Thanks ;-)


Just an added note, you must install the latest versions of iscan and iscan-data OVER the std iscan that sane installs, there is a packaging bug.


use --nodeps to override the conflicts.

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If you want to install the proprietary iscan packages (without the conflicts), you first need to un-install the sane-backends-iscan package. It was separated out from the sane-backends package a few years ago in order that the conflicts that you referred to can be avoided.



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