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Mandriva 2011 Beta 3 released


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I suggest you don't waste your time on this one. The following are just a few of the negatives.


Dolphin has been stripped down. No tool bar so there is no preferences etc., so one cannot select "show hidden files". Rosa is being shoved at you since it is the default (with emphasis on fault :-) )


Takes almost three times as long to reach a desktop from the insertion of the dvd. There is no way to do package selection prior to installation. You are left in the dark most of the times as to what is happening during the install process, so much so that it gives the impression that the process has frozen numerous times when it really hasn't. It seems that most of the more popular applications are missing from the dvd. The dvd is quite stripped down being only about 1.5Gb or there abouts.


If this is what Mandriva has come up with after such a long delay then I can only conclude that they are in a very bad way. Putting it mildly, Mandriva-kde doesn't look even vaguely like Mandriva-kde anymore whereas Mageia still does thank goodness.


Mageia-1 on the other hand is looking rock solid. I am using it so much that it is nearly my main OS.


I am so disappointed in Mandriva2011-beta3 that I am about to un-install it and abandon it just then waiting to see what the final looks like. I wont even bother with the RCs in between.


I'll close so I don't bore anyone with an extended rant. I appreciate that some will like it but it sure has lost me.


Cheers. John.

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It has been two days now not having used Mandriva.

Through all my Linux-years, there has never been a day (in normal life) that i didn't boot Mandriva.

Some kind of strange feeling, like leaving a friend behind.


Though it is still installed at the second disk of my laptop, it is only Mageia i am using.

Don't think Mandriva 2011 is going to make it at my machines.

Actually, i am going for preparing switching all to Mageia.

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