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Am I messing up the system?[Solved]

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Hello. This is a quick question:



I'm tired of having to modify bashprofile files for every single user to be able to run programs from commandline without having to type the entire path. So I discovered that by placing a symbolic link in /usr/local/bin, all users (including root) can run the program easily. Is this evil? Am I breaking the system?





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No, definitely not breaking the system.


Glad to know. Now, is there any downside? and should I Remove the entries for Java in the bash profile for each user since they can now run it without using bashprofle?

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I normally install java versions from sun ending in rpm.bin, because it does it system-wide and thus you don't need to manually export JAVA_HOME or anything else like that. The .bin just extracts and then the rest is a case of manual configuration. It would be messy moving the java executables and all the other java directories under /usr/local/bin.

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The regular ways to run programs which are outside the system paths are two:

1. Creating a helpfolder (e.g. /opt/progs), linking the programs in there and finally adding /opt/progs to the system PATH

2. Creating aliases to the user's ~.bashrc file. These are user-specific, of course.

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Aliases can be made system-wide with /etc/bashrc. That way you would only need to edit this, and every user would get your customisations as scarecrow mentions.

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