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Mandriva 2010.2 download basic questions....


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Looking to download 2010.2 (as an upgrade to my current 2008.1). I did purchase a DVD for 2010.2, but was 'missing files', which is a bug or mirror problem which I read has been resolved (but doesn't help my DVD much). In any case, is creating my own DVD as easy as downloading to desktop, burning a DVD, and proceeding with the install?? Is there a DVD burner recommended (hopefully included in my 2008 free)?


Finally, is it likely that an 'upgrade' from my 2008 using the 2010.2 DVD would work? I realize some files may be missing (downlevel versions from 2008 used instead?). I assume that those downlevel files can be updated once my 2010.2 is running?


Thanks for any tips or suggestions. I read that 2010.2 is mostly bug fixes and updates from 2010.1, but if 2010.2 is not ready for prime-time I would also be interested in knowing.....


Thanks -- Roger

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They don't normally support an upgrade for more than a two point release. Therefore, you can upgrade to 2008.2 or 2009.1 but not anything more than this. Suggest clean install.


And yes, it's easy as downloading the DVD iso and then burning it with something like Brasero in Gnome or K3B in KDE.

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Since I am using 2010.0 as my base OS, and I had 2010-spring on another hard drive, I decided to try out the new 2010.2.

I did a clean install of it including /home. It appears to be extremely stable.


Two things stand out however (and were so also in 2010.1-Spring and 2010.0.)

1. After installing the nvidia driver, I have found that it is necessary to reboot the system and not just log out and back in.


2. Installing the HP Photo Printer requires the Printer (USB) to be disconnected during the OS install. Install the appropriate HP model drivers and printing packages.

Reboot (Yes I know that shouldn't be necessary but I had to do it that way before I had any signs of success). Switch on the Printer and only then plug in the USB cable from the Printer into the computer.

Now watch for a pop-up from the above near the clock on the right side of the main panel and click on it and follow the instructions.

It is so sad when I remember that in 2008.1, when you switched on the printer it was detected immediately and started the install procedure there and then.



I think 2010.2 is certainly "ready for prime time" as you put it, Roger, and so was 2010.1-Spring.


Cheers. John.

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