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Can't ping or see inside my network


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I just cant figure it out!


Ok I have a mixed OS Network, WinXP, Win7, MDV and Puppy


Coming from the wall I have the cable broadband fed into the cable modem


From the cable modem I go into my Linksys Router (4 port wireless)


Port 1 of the Linksys goes out to my garage which right now is not used (too cold)

Port 2 of the Linksys goes to the BACK of the office where I have an 8 port Netgear hub which leads to a cluster of 6 PC's (mixed OS)

Port 3 of the Linksys goes right into my TVSERVER which is new and whose intention is to show media files straight from the net, and possibly become a DVR

Port 4 of the Linksys is EMPTY

Wireless of the Linksys connects to a Laptop across the house and a Wireless Print Server


Everything on the Netgear 8 port hub can see each other, ping each otehr and reach each other, EVEN the Laptop and the Wireless Print Server.


The TVSERVER can see a FEW of the other PC's but not all of them (the TVSERVER is XP at the moment) and can ping everything it can see including the wireless laptop.




I have asked the Field Support guys at my office and their question is "If you plug it into the netgear can you see?"


My answer is PROBABLY, but that defeats the thought of having 1 40 foot cable and would get messy quick.


PLEASE someone with good info HELP!!!!!!!!!





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well intersting enough i tried to verify the firewall was disabled and found that "installation" was corrupt (I've seen that before, and have never found a valid way to resolve it) but that usually means that XP IS blocking it.


so i installed unity, and that got a new address that the router registered, but because 8its beta it kept crashing so i couldnt connect there either.


i just installed mythbu, since i want this as a meida server and we'll see what happens.





whats ARP?

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