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The "Real Desktop" thread!


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Ever notice that the people who always start these threads are the people who need to show off the most.


Nice desktop dude, I would post mine, but there is no way I can measure up to that, so what's the point.

I wasn't trying to show off old systems, someone in the musb said they were a neat freak so I thought I would show them how neat I was. ;)


I've got one newer system and one that is a 1 year old, the rest are very old, so i don't consider that showing off.


So there :cheeky:

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yeah, I really would say there's anything there to show off. Only 'king pimp distro ho cybrjackle' has the time to mess with all those. I couldn't dream of it, nor would i want it ;) I never get out as it is :lol:

You mean there is something outside of /home computing and work?

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Here's my desk here at school. Nothing special. Just my PC (tower is on the right side of desk on the floor) and laptop, plus a gatorade. Super cooliorific isn't it? I wish I could of brought my other monitor for dual display. :juggle:

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I took apart my digital camera and fixed it. They're not getting my $ every 2 years :P It's an HP215 and HJ helped me get it going by finding an app for it. It works great! Here's a link in case you have the same.


it works as a flash card reader



My real desktop?

Main Win98 (yeah, for games), Win2k, Mandrake-10-cooker, Gentoo

-Emachine eView 17" Monitor and keyboard

-Logitech USB Optical Cordless Wheel Mouse

-HP932 Deskjet Printer

box I built

-Antec Case

-KingWin 350w psu

-Abit KD7 VIA KT400 MoBo w/ Athlon XP 1900+


Other Win2k

Dell 19" Monitor (on it's last leg)

emachine 600is Tower (behind the blk file cabinet the monitor is sitting on

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:lol: no one could organize that :lol: j/k


actually....mines a little messier than usual. The actual desk'top' 'has to be' clear/clean or I start throwing things. You should see my desk at work. It's even neater. :P

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