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Installing Mandriva 2010 from a USB freezes

Guest Cheyko

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Okay... so... I tried Ubuntu, liked it but couldn't stand the interface. It felt like I was on an iphone all day and I hate iphones. Learned about Mandriva, which looks more like windows and wanted to try it. (Dom't get me wrong, Ubuntu was awesome, but the way the desktop was set up just bugged me.)

Ubuntu installed fine from the USB, didn't take too much time and actually did something.

Set up a usb flash drive using Mandriva seed or whatever, using the one version of Mandriva 2010.

Plugged the usb in after setting the bios to boot from usb, like I did when installing Ubuntu, and it goes to this pretty blue window with different options.

I can't take a screen shot setting as how I'm on my desktop, and I'm installing it on my netbook.


~Blue Screen~

Boot Mandriva 2010 Spring

Install Mandriva 2010 Spring

Boot from Harddisk

F1 Help F2 Language F3 800 x 600 F4 Kernel Option


Then it flashes too fast and does a script thing that I can't see or read (black screen, really quick white writing) and then goes to a loading screen.

It did this last night when I checked the 'Install' option from the origin blue screen, and left it alone to do it's thing.... 8 hours later, upon waking it, it was still going. So I closed it down, redid it thinking I missed something and it reset itself and was stuck in a loop (because that's what it's been doing whenever there was an error in windows, I had 7 installed on it, then XP which blue screened, then Ubuntu which worked beautifully, and now I'm trying this.) and four hours later it was still in this loading screen.

Blue screen, with a flower looking thing on the side, huge bold Mandriva 2010 logo up top and then a light going in a sort of circle in the bottom and nothing else.


Please help.



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