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How is HDMI sound enabled?

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A friend has asked me how to enable sound output from the HDMI port on a desktop computer (KDE4, Mandriva 2010.1, 64 bit edition). Sound output from the sound card to the speakers is fine. HDMI sound is not heard when running Mandriva, however HDMI sound works when using the other OS on this dual booting machine. Not having HDMI on any of my own computers I'm not sure what to do.

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I've got HDMI on my laptop and have the same problem. My laptop has an ATI setup, but the HDMI doesn't work for sound. Video yes. I haven't seriously looked at it because I hardly use it much. But I expect it would be something to do with the pulseaudio configuration or something. When you go into this, there are two outputs to choose from.


This might help:




I'm trying it on my system now, but won't check it until I next connect my HDMI. I also need to check the config, as I don't want HDMI to be the default. For now from the above, I've just unmuted the sound, as it seemed it was muted. So perhaps when I connect it again, that will be enough for it to start working.


I have Ubuntu 10.04, but the specifics should be more or less the same.

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Well it was very easy for me. I think you'll find if you have pulseaudio already installed, it will just be a case of unmuting the audio for HDMI using alsamixer (as per the link I sent), and then just go into your audio properties and set the output to the HDMI. That way I don't have to use asound to set the default audio to HDMI, when I want my normal laptop speakers to be the default.


Of course, you must change it back again in audio properties to revert to laptop speakers.

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