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Motion LS800 or LE1600

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I have been looking at android tablets long and hard of late, but the good ones START at $300 and go up from there.


So then I thought I'd look at the existing tablets and I notice a BUNCH of MOtion LE1600's and LS800's for $200-$300


These are fukky functioning pentium (celeron) based tablets currently running WINDOWSXP.


Since MDV has been my primary OS for 2 years now (I have a Win7 pc only so my wife can VPN to her office), I would LOVE a MDV tablet.


I know that touchpads have been a [point of contention in the past, but I havent looked into the lately because the cost was TOO high.


Does anyone have any experience with MDV and either of these 2 tablets?


I do NOT believe they are "touch" screen per se as the reviews all say you MUST use the stylus, but I could be wrong.


Any input would be appreciated,





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