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How to get widescreen resolutions?


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I'm using Mandriva 2007 with xrandr 1.0. Typing xrandr gives only 3 modes: "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480". In previous Mandriva 2007 installations I did have widescreen options in the Mandriva Control Center but now I only have 4/3 ones & only 16 bit depth.


I added 1600x900 & 1600x1200 modelines to xorg.conf. If I add "1600x900" or "1600x1200" to the first line of the 8,15,16,24 depths, it goes into a distorted 640x480. 1280X1024 is the highest resolution it can produce.


I'm using onboard VIA graphics & the HP 2009v monitor.

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I don't know how to correct the /var/log/Xorg.0.log

Xorg.0.log is not something to be fixed, it's a log file. Earlier this year I had problem similar to yours. While examining my Xorg.0.log I saw an error message, something about can't read monitor EDID data, and something about defaulting to certain display resolutions. I don't recall the specifics, but it lead me towards a solution.


Probably there's no driver specified for the Asus k8v-vm, however you can use the command line utiliy 'lspci' to see which 'VGA compatible controller' has been identified.


If you have a recent Mandriva live CD you can try booting that and see if that allows the wide screen display. If it does, find which driver is being used.

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I did lspci & it says VIA.


I downloaded the VIA S3 Chrome9 HC Linux Display Driver but can't make sense of the instructions(attached). One line says:


Mandriva Linux 2007.0 will have the kernel source tree in /usr/src/

folder when installing the kernel source rpm package




5. Use a script to build VT3336-3364XORG40079 driver and select the

"79" version and CPU type to build. The driver binary will be created

in default /VT3336-3364XORG40079 folder.

# tar zxvf VT3336-3364XORG40079-kernel-src_[date].tgz

# cd VT3336-3364XORG40079-kernel-src_[date]/src

# ./makedriver drm (Other distributions only build 2D/MPEG driver)


What does it mean?

What about the dependency packages?

It seems so complex.



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I don't know much about compiling drivers from source code.


Are you sure there's no via driver in your Mandriva 2007? At the moment I'm using 2010.0, and there seems to be a via driver located in



By the way, I think support for 2007 has been dropped. If so, then you are not getting security patches and bug fixes.

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Hello Prost.


This is only a question of curiosity and should not be taken to imply a criticism of any kind.


Just why are you still persevering with 2007 when Mandriva has advanced so far.

I remember even 2008 was superior and rock solid at least ???. Have you tried more recent releases, e.g. 2008.0, 2008.1, 2009.0, 2009.1, 2010-0, 2010-spring ???.

If you did , what sort of problems did you have ???. If your problem is not having good access to downloading ISOs then I can fix that for you very quickly by posting a DVD of 2010-spring (or earlier ones if you choose) to you by Air Mail quick smart.


Cheers. John.

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I figured out how to install the via driver on 2007. One problem was that a few files were missing. I can get 1440x900. If I try 1600x900 the screen scrolls when I move the cursor to the end. I don't know why I can't use more than 1440x900. The PC does crash.


The openchrome driver didn't work. I did read that bug page you posted. I could select the driver in the Mandriva Control Center but the PC can't enter gui.



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