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Broken Screensavers in Mandriva 2010 [solved]


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Hi, I have a simple question: why are almost all my KDE screensavers broken? Is it normal? I have installed several screensaver packages using MCC, but still most of them won't work. Any ideas?

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Hello M_R, I presume you are referring to the OpenGL Screensavers ???.


If you are then it is because you most likely using a generic video driver which has no 3d acceleration.

You need to install the Mandriva supplied driver from your Video card maker e.g.Nvidia, or install the driver obtained from the Video company (which is not really necessary most times.)


To access the card driver you need to make sure to tick the Non-Free in The MMC Software Install/Remove.

Then go to the MCC Hardware then Setup the graphical Server. Next click on the Graphic Card bar and in the sceen presented, double click on the highlighted line .

This will open another window . At the top you should see a message saying a special driver is available and do you want to install it (or words to that effect). Do so and let it do its thing. When it is done, log out and back in and you should find that all the OpenGL related Screensavers now work.


I hope this helps.


Cheers. John.

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Yes, I think that's it because I have no video card and am working with the integrated video chipset (intel). I do have graphic acceleration for some 3D games and desktop effects, but not all of them. This must be the reason (for example, I have the cube, but the cylinder and sphere do not work).




Thanks for your valuable help.

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