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World goes upside down: Gimp in single window mode


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No, I am not talking about the bugfest named gimpshop (R.I.P.). I'm talking about the regular, official gimp.

Gimp devs have stubbornly rejected for years the requests for single window mode in Gimp (Photoshop-alike). Now on the devel version of Gimp (currently 2.7.1) the single window mode is embedded in the program. It does start the traditional Gimp way, but you can pick single window mode from the "Window" menu anytime you like.

While at first I was excited by this feature, I do have to say that a) the devel version of Gimp is still quite buggy, and B ) I am so used at working in Gimp in multiple window mode, that I have hardly used the new mode up to now. Oh well... :P


Release announcement




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I'll look forward to trying this when it becomes available and stable. I generally much prefer the single window method as it keeps everything together instead of cluttering the desktop.

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