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lost monitor colors after upgrade [solved]

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have successfully upgraded 2010.0 to 2010.1, but after rebooting seems to have lost monitor colors


the screen remains pale / hardly colors / looks like as watching through a thick vale .

monitor settings though are ok -- recognizes monitor type / resolution is ok.


have rebooted all available kernels, but with same result.

have checked in Windows, but there colors are ok.


have tried with command (mdkapplet -upgrade-helper --new_distro_version=2010.1) to get perhaps a new download,

but after downloading some files, system says upgrade is ok / should reboot system -- but result is same // no colors, etc.


Any one any idea what do do to restore color setting on the system // now it seems not to really recognize colors, only very vague. ??



Noticed that when downloading the files for the upgrade, the upgrade helper at the very end seemed to have crashed,

as a msg. "upgrade helper crashed / apologizing for inconvenience" appeared.


So have the feeling not all files were actually downloaded / installed at the end.


However when I retry to upgrade using the command line, some files are being downloaded and then the system says

that the upgrade is successful and should reboot the system.


Is there some way to 'mis lead' the system that no upgrade took place and than some how be able to do all of the

upgrade install all over again ?




Please advise,


ps. when possible please advise to my mail account / so I can read at work as this screen is a no go this way.....


email = fredkreyen@gmail.com






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Ok folks, solved the problem myself.........


It seemed all about the OS not recognizing the video card.


When checking through DrakX (hardware tab / Mandriva Ctrl Center) it seemed that the OS showed

the video card most near mine (Radeon 9000AGP (not supported - ), but when performing a test it

came back with 'no device found'


Tried another video card / same result -- than have chosen once more the Radeon card of OS 1st choice

ran a gain the test several times, untill the OS came back with color tested results and asked if these

colors were ok.


Accepted the choice and had to logout and back in again - and volia it worked again // all color is back.

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 Congrats, you might want to edit your email address to avoid it being harvested.  I'm sure unwanted spam is the last thing you want to receive. 

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