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Printing to printer on NAS ceased to work

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My printer is an HP Laserjet 1010 which is via USB connected to my NAS ('Bubba', see here for more info). The NAS has a 'raw' queue (i.e. only forwards bytes to the printer); it needs to be fed with printer commands by the computer who print to the NAS. Two windows clients (one running XP Pro SP3, the other running 7 HP) can print to the NAS w/o issues, using HP's printer driver for the LJ1010. My main workstation could also print to the NAS when running 2009.1, but not longer since I upgraded to 2010.1.


The upgrade was by means of a clean install of / (including re-format as I re-sized partitions). The /home partition and its contents were not touched. I have installed a print queue on the workstation for the HP which points to the raw queue on the NAS; this was also the setup I had before the upgrade. When I print I see the job appearing in CUPS on my workstation and being finished. I then see the job apepearing on CUPS on the NAS and also completing. In parallel the LED on my printer starts blinking, but never stops. There are no error messages in CUPS on the workstation; on the NAS I get the following messages in CUPS error_log and syslog:


==> /var/log/syslog <==
Jul 18 14:56:19 bubba kernel: usblp0: nonzero write bulk status received: -71

==> /var/log/cups/error_log <==
E [18/Jul/2010:14:56:19 +0200] [Job 85] Unable to write print data: Input/output error

These messages do appear for all print-jobs, i.e also if printing from the Windows clients. The key difference is that printing from the Win-clients results in a correct print-out and the printer-LED stops blinking when the last page has come out.


I have tried the following scenario's:


  • Connect printer direct to my host and install printer using MCC. Can print test-pages and several types of documents (Open office, graphics, Gnumeric)
  • Re-connected back to NAS and try the same document. Doesn't work
  • Change the USB cable between NAS & printer. No change
  • Change printer driver from hp-cups 3.10.2 to CUPS + Gutenprint simplified or Foomatic/gutenprint-ijs-simplified.5.2. No change


Connecting to NAS-printer via Samba instead of IPP (option during install), does first result in a print-out of HP error message:

PCL XL error
Subsytem:  KERNEL
Error:	   IllegalTag
Operator:  0xff
Position:  11


This seems to be likely 'debris' from previous failures. Trying a second time, does prompt me for username/passwd (before I can print), but then gives me a good print. I have verified the above scenarios twice, but they al;l persist, i.e. no print-out. At this point I have the believe that the CUPS upgrade (2009.1 was 1.3.x; 2010.1 is on 1.4) results in files which do not transfer well to the printer (get stuck in CUPS on the NAS?). The IPP-protocol doesn't work; Samba does.


Any takers for this challenge?

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