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Several questions regarding codecs and conversions

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Hi all, I have a new Television with an USB connection for multimedia. I have formatted an external hard disk to FAT32 as is required.


Problem is the TV reads Mpeg1 and Mpeg2 according to the documentation. Most of my stuff is in *.AVI format.


I tried for several hours using VLC to carry out the conversion but I kept getting the error message "VLC could not open the encoder". I have installed every codec I could find, but still got the same message.


I hove confirmed that using

ffmpeg -i input.avi -sameq output.mpg

output.mpg does indeed play on the TV.


By using ffmpeg as above is the output file a mpeg1 or mpeg2? And is mpeg2 better than mpeg1? Any other advice most appreciated.

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You can see some details of the video file, including which codecs are used, by using the command

ffmpeg -i output.mpg


Note that the video and audio codecs used in your avi file may already be the codecs you want. If so, use the "copy" special value to specify that the raw codec data must be copied as is, see the ffmpeg man page for details.

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