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Mandriva 2010.1 Errata


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The Errata for Mandriva Linux 2010 Spring has information on known problems and, where available, how to fix, avoid or work around them.


1 Installation issues

1.1 The Free DVD (and free-dual CD) installer can't be started in text mode

1.2 Mandriva-seed


2 Kernel issues


3 Hardware issues

3.1 Poor 2D performance with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3470 Hybrid X2

3.2 X startup issue on Ones with nvidia proprietary driver

3.3 No 3D acceleration for laptops equipped with more than one graphic chipset (such as Intel coupled with nVidia)

3.4 Broken Volume Control with USB Speakers (jumps from very faint to very loud)

3.5 Ath5k-driver for Atheros AR5001 Wireless Adapter doesn't work properly in


4 Upgrade issues


5 Software issues

5.1 MandrivaUpdate crashes when reviewing packages info

5.2 Reboot / Shutdown locked

5.3 Mozilla Firefox

5.3.1 Firefox doesn't change the colour of visited links

5.3.2 Firefox sometimes marks all typed words as misspelled even though they are spelled correctly

5.3.3 In Firefox flash content doesn't play smoothly or doesn't work at all If you're running x86_64 Firefox

5.3.4 Under KDE4, the buttons in message dialogues in Firefox-3.6.x are laid out differently

5.4 Opening hyperlinks from some GTK-based applications doesn't work after updating Firefox to a new version

5.5 Encrypted partitions support

5.5.1 Resize

5.5.2 /boot

5.6 Mounting CIFS/SMB (Windows, Samba ...etc) shares no longer possible as non-root

5.7 SCIM does not start

5.8 Flash videos don't play sound in x86_64 installation

5.9 Postfix crashes with nss_wins installed

5.10 stellarium does not display icons and fonts

5.11 Evolution and keyring problems


[updated 20 January 2011]

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