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Mandriva Spring 2010 released


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 Upgrade to 2010.1 completed over 'wifi'.  The only issue during the upgrade was complaints about invalid or bad package signatures.  After upgrade KDM failed to start.  This was easily remedied by choosing vesa mode.  I then downloaded the nvidia driver and installed it myself.  All in all a smooth, pain free experience. :) :thumbs:

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For those who don't want to use bit-torrent but rather a straight download, here is a site I found from a chap at another website.





I am currently downloading from it right now.


It was Djenning of the UK and he posted it at the Mandriva Forum last Friday.


Cheers. John.

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Ahmad Samir posted an announcement in the official Mandriva forum that the non-free repositories will be installed with the Free edition, but they won't be enabled by default (new for 2010.1). You have to manually enable them in MCC if you want to use them. Something about the 'Free' philosophy.


Myself, I'll be upgrading in about a month when I have cable modem service available. :lol:

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When I do a direct download it takes approx 7.5 hours whereas torrent can take me anything up to 24 or more hours.

24 hours? :o It sounds like something's wrong with your config.

When a popular new distro has just come out, the direct download should be slower than usual (due to the servers being overloaded), and the torrents should be faster than usual (due to a high number of seeds). My torrent came down in about 20-30 mins, I didn't try a direct download. But during the first week or so after a new release, it's good to encourage people to use the torrents I think.

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