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linux servers kernel updates

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Hi folks ...


I would like to know how to update the current ubuntu server kernel ver. to the new one. I just gave the following commands:


sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade


A lot of things were updated except the kernel. Any clue. Thanks in advance.






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Normally nowadays in Debian/Ubuntu land it's:


aptitude safe-upgrade




aptitude full-upgrade


What kernel are you running, and then maybe do:


aptitude search linux-image


if I remember that's the kernels.

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I'm managing two Debian Squeeze (AKA testing) servers. I am always updating them via aptitude safe-upgrade, and the upgrade included the kernel (just the one of them, because the other is using a statically built customized kernel made by OVH).

Squeeze is IMHO much better that Ubuntu Server because of its rolling nature- it's quite unlikely to break the system by just safe-upgrading. Actually the only thing that worried me was Squeeze going from old good grub to grub2, but fortunately enough grub-legacy is still in the repos, and it will stay there for a long time.

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