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Mandriva 2010: Brasero 2.28.2 Runs Very Slowly


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I just installed Mandriva 2010.0 (I'd been using Mandriva 2008.0 previously) and noticed that the newer version of Brasero (2.28.2)...

  • takes almost three minutes just to recognize when an audio CD has been inserted into the CD-ROM, and
  • takes three times as long to copy an audio CD as the older version!

What can I do to make Brasero as fast as it used to be?

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Did you upgrade your system? If so, perhaps the old config for brasero is the problem. You can easily check/test this by creating a new user on your system temporarily. Then login as this user, and see if brasero runs like it normally should. If so, that would suggest that you need to delete the brasero config from your user profile.


Let us know if that helps, as we can always look further if it doesn't.

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