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no sound in kde 4.35 using auto login [solved]

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When I set up this system post-install, I enabled auto-login via the kde system settings (kdesu systemsettings) and sound worked fine.(except it kept resetting the kmix volumes to a higher level than I left them, but that's fixed.)

After an update (of mostly kde stuff) the sound stopped working. I can only get it work if I disable auto-login.


I did search the forums and the web and didn't find anything using the same search terms as the title of this thread.

I haved tried different display managers but the results are the same.

The system is Mandriva 2010 Free.

Hope someone can help.



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I found a solution to this:Disable speedboost

Sometimes you may see anomalies which may be caused by speedboot


Sometimes when speedboot is enabled you may see some odd behaviour, for example:


* You may end up with a black screen upon booting.

* With speedboot and autologin enabled you mayn't be able to load kmix in the KDE4 desktop, see Image:bug_small.png Bug #55010 for more info.

* NTP (Network Time Protocol) service sometimes may not start correctly.

* WIFI connection may not be up fast enough.

* Suspend to RAM and/or suspend to disk invoked from KDE menu don't work.


To test if it's speedboot or not causing this, try disabling it, when booting, at the GRUB (the boot loader) screen press F3 (Kernel Options) select default then press Enter, in the command line that appears type:




then press Enter.


If this fixes the bug you're seeing you can disable speedboot permanently by editing /etc/sysconfig/speedboot. Or just use this command as root:



sed -i 's/=auto/=no/' /etc/sysconfig/speedboot

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