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Mozilla lays foundation for web's next 100 years

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The Mozilla Foundation is best known for Firefox, but as Foundation head Mitchell Baker recently told us, the group's mission is not merely to produce a browser that kills Internet Explorer.


According to executive director Mark Surman, that mission involves efforts to make the web more open by removing the web's technological, corporate, and cultural choke points and getting more regular people to give a damn about where the internet will be in the next 100 years - not just those already working in tech.


This includes something called Drumbeat, a project Surman is leading.


More at The Register.

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An admirable goal, to be sure. Others, of course, seek to move in the direction of a proprietary web, one which prophets a few companies. In the long run, I think the web and the pc will move in the same direction, whether proprietary or open. In a way, the move to make the web on cell phones and internet machines is a move in the closed direction, since those products are generally limited to the proprietary software they come with. Food for thought.

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