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Sync Axim WM2005 and MDV 2009

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ok, I'm at a loss


I tried for 3 years to sync a palm lifedrive and decided that due to its connect/disconnect there was no way my wife would ever be able to do this on her own.


SO I bought 2 Dell Axim X51's both of which run WM2005 which supposedly has been installed and supported in MDV since 2008


and yet NOTHING I do gets me connected and synced. Although I use KDE I even installed GNOME and nothings working.


A GREAT deal of it SEEMS ti be revolving around 2 things.

1) I cant install KitchenSync. Every time I try to install task-wm5sync-kde I get an error message saying it cant install because of a missinmg kdepim-kitchensync, which apparently doesnt esist in 2010, and when i get the one from 2009 I get a whole series of incompatibilities.


2 Synce-TrayIcon keeps saying thees no connection even though lsusb shows the dell is there. Then when I try ans check he box to start dccm I am told that it "cant start vdccm" well that was installed years ago w/ 2008, but god knows where it is now.


As I say I installed gnome and it SEEMED like it was working for a minute, but then it doesnt actually import data (under GNOME) I have Traicon, MultiSync -gui and synce-panel-monitor all installed and none of them find the device


the device is told to look on USB and it DOES sync under XP


anyone with ideas, I am all about them. AWILLIAMSON was a HUGE help when I was working on 2008 but unfortunately I really cant see bugging him now that he firmly entrenched in Fedora.


The video that USED to be available for 2009 is gone,


please help. anyone,





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ok through some stroke of perseverenve and switching to gnome i'm able to have the axim recognized. and items place in evolution go to the axim.


now how do i get the reverse?


nothing i put in the axim goes to the pc


and btw the contacts go from pc to axim, not the calendar, that claims to, but never shoews up



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