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Xvidcap strange captures

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I have recently installed Mandriva Free 2010 x86_64 in a PC with a AMD Phenom II X4.

I have no problems to install XvidCap, but the videos it produces are quite odd, and they do not match what happens on the screen.


You can get the idea with the following picture:





However, nothing better that a video recorded using XvidCap to asses the problem:



The program does not give many clues to what goes wrong. Thus, running it from the console in verbose mode writes the following messages:

[ramom@favo ~]$ xvidcap -v --audio no --gui yes

Current settings:

flags = 3587

capture mode = multi-frame

position = 192x144+0+41

rescale output to = 100

frames per second = 10,00

file pattern = test-%04d.mpeg

file format = AUTO

video encoding = AUTO

audio codec = AUTO

verbose level = 1

frame start no = 0

frames to store = 0

time to capture = 0 sec

autocontinue = no

input source = shm (2)

capture pointer = white

capture audio = no

- input = /dev/dsp

- sample rate = 44100

- bit rate = 64000

- channels = 2

animate command = mplayer "${XVFILE}" &

make video command= xterm -e "echo not needed for multi-frame capture; echo hit enter to dismiss; read"

edit frame command= xterm -e "echo none specified; echo hit enter to dismiss; read"

[ramom@favo ~]$


Any clue is welcome.

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Any clue is welcome.


After a a thorough search I have reached the conclusion that Xvidcap isn't developed anymore, and it is not well supported in any distribution.


Fortunately one of the alternatives: recordmydesktop, works well in my computer.

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